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SuperVision for Coaches was born out of founder Sandy May’s absolute conviction that professional supervision is an essential for the wellbeing of every coach.

Sandy’s mission is…to make it easy for every coach to find and access quality coaching supervision.

As interest in and appreciation for the value of Coaching Supervision is growing, we’ve noticed that many coaches don’t understand how or where to find the Supervisor who will be their best match, or indeed the form of Coaching Supervision that best fits their personal needs.

Sandy’s vision is for SuperVision for Coaches to become a professional hub – a reliable resource for coaches seeking information and guidance around Coaching Supervision, and an easily accessible source of quality Supervision practitioners.

Wherever you are….

SuperVision for Coaches has a global pool of Supervision practitioners, so no matter where you are in the world – Australia; New Zealand; South-East Asia; Europe; UK; USA, there will be experienced, skilful Supervisors easily contactable.

Why the Nautilus shell as our symbol?

The Nautilus symbolises Expansion and Renewal.  It is a creature that throughout its life grows and expands, with the container in which it lives, evolving and changing its environment as it adapts to its changing circumstances.

The shell also contains within one of the mysteries of life – the proportional perfection of the Golden Ratio as the shell grows and expands with the creature within – embodying the balance and beauty of consistent and continual growth.

Thus the Nautilus is the perfect representation for the principles of Supervision, and indeed coaching itself.  Both have at core the intention of continual professional and personal Expansion and Renewal

Expansion of: Insight – Ideas – Energy – Focus – Perspective – Skills

Renewal of: Spirit – Inspiration – Resilience – Stamina -Creativity