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Meet our Founder Sandy May

Supervision has been a feature of Sandy’s professional life throughout her various careers and roles, giving her a rich seam of experience to mine – nurse, teacher, education consultant, organisational L&D consultant, business owner, Psychotherapist, Relationship Counsellor, organisational leadership/executive coach, entrepreneur, Coach Supervisor, Coach Mentor.

Throughout her 40+ years of working in the people-facing environment, she sought out and had the privilege of being able to draw upon the wisdom and experience of wonderful mentors and supervisors. Sandy knows it’s the reason she has been able to remain consistently productive, effective and inspired by the work – and still loving every minute of it.

Her passion for encouraging self care for coaches stems from that time when she neglected to pay attention to herself (around the late 1980’s) and was not having regular supervision at a stressful time in her life – she experienced a serious “burnout” event.

That was a real wake-up call and resulted in her subsequent ongoing focus on personal and professional wellbeing. From that time until today, Supervision became an integral and non-negotiable part of her self-care program.

As is obvious from the list above, she is an expert at re-inventing herself. She is excited and inspired by the process of transferring her knowledge and skills from one context to another, and the learning and adaptation that is required. In 2011 she took on a new role. For 4 years she immersed herself in the wonderful new world of grandmother to two darling boys (another people-facing role). Then in 2015 two life shattering events. Her dearest John suddenly died, and three months later the two darling boys and (their parents) relocated from Sydney to London. A dark time indeed.

So in 2016 she found herself once again in the Phoenix rising place. And finally, she got it. It was time to start paying forward all her years of education, experience and the wisdom that came with all that. Yet more qualifications and then….

SuperVision for Coaches was born in 2019.

We believe every coach needs Supervision to sustain their wellbeing and professional efficacy – to be their best.
Every coach needs a different perspective, a safe place to stretch.

For you – the Coach who is committed to being the best you can be, professionally and personally, for the benefit of your clients and for your own wellbeing.

At SuperVision for Coaches we know how to create the space and generate the collaborative conversations that encourage, inspire and challenge coaches to enable their authentic and magnificent selves to emerge.
And we check in with you to ensure you’re on track with maintaining your emotional, mental and physical health and wellbeing.

We are the gentle provocateurs.
We illuminate, celebrate, educate and activate all that is within you, to make all of you available.