Supervision for Coaches 1:1

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(For coaches working in organisations as internal coaches and coaches working in private practice)

Whether you are an experienced coach or fairly new to the game, you know you need to find and/or strengthen your authentic voice.

To fully step into your powerful coaching Presence.

1:1 supervision will provide the intensity and depth of work that will enable you to connect to your deeper wisdom and know who you really are as a coach.

In so doing you are of best service to your clients.

Coaching is always demanding, sometimes depleting.

If you are your own harshest judge, it can be demoralising.

1:1 supervision gives you the space and safety to explore your deepest vulnerabilities, gain clarity of insight and perspective shift, then move on with the wisdom gained.

If you are considering building supervision into your reflective practice/professional development programme and want to explore further, the best way for you to do that is through a real experience of supervision.

You need to be sure that you and your supervisor are a good match, as it typically develops into a close and intense long-term working relationship.

To help you decide, I am delighted to offer you a complimentary 90 minute “Real Supervision Experience” session. Absolutely free of any fee or obligation.

All I ask is that you come to the session with an open mind and a willingness to fully engage in the supervision process by showing up authentically.

We can provide coaching supervision services either in person, by virtual platform or by telephone and deliver real results.

Contact me here to arrange a time.