Why is coaching supervision important for you? 

To maintain my professional and personal wellbeing and to ensure quality coaching for my clients.

Benefits gained.

Sandy has a wonderful way of creating a safe space to stretch.  I have been able to reflect on my current practice as a coach and really see my strengths and how to use these to better help my clients.

What do you like most about Sandy’s supervision? 

She is the perfect mix of professional, knowledgeable and with a good sense of humour.

Sophia Bernard – Executive Coach

As I constantly seek new learning in the coaching area, I’ve realised that undergoing supervision would lift me to an even more professional plateau. I chose Sandy as I know her vast experience around coaching, counselling and learning and development. I also knew that Sandy graduated from a prestigious Supervision Institute in UK.

As a result of supervision with Sandy, I was able to uncover my hidden areas about myself and better understand my relationship with my clients and more importantly, to apply this understanding to my coaching with clients. If you want a focused and professional supervisor with a sound track record, I strongly recommend Sandy.

Tomas Horejsi, Global Executive Coach, Prague

I have been a client of Sandy May since August 2017. At that time I was a newly practising coach engaging with private clients. I sought a coaching supervisor to support me in my own coaching journey and have worked with Sandy since that time. I really enjoy working with Sandy for many different reasons; firstly, her commitment to being fully there with you on the journey, encountering all the many different bumps in the road that occur along the way.

I really appreciate all the different tools that she uses to seek out information and draw on insights and really cement the learnings in every session. I also value Sandy’s open and honest approach and her true professionalism. I would highly recommend working with Sandy to support your own growth and development.

Executive Coach, UAE

Seeking to develop my coaching practice, I initially approached Sandy as a coach supervisor based on her extensive experience in coaching and supervision. From our first ‘chemistry’ meeting, Sandy created a comfortable, safe and supportive but challenging atmosphere, gently pushing me outside of my comfort zone and guiding me to reflect and think deeply to develop new insights.

My sessions with Sandy are thought provoking long after the time spent with her – she has understood where I am along my own learning journey and through artful conversation and practical advice has helped me to gain new perspectives and direction. She is a warm and caring professional whose input I value immensely.

Consultant Coach – Sydney